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Smt. Hardeep Kaur & Ors. vs Shri Sadhu Singh & Ors on 18 November, 2015

% 18.11.2015

1. This order is in continuation of the order dated 16.7.2015. On

16.7.2015, a final decree was passed in respect of the factory

premises situated at Kishan Ganj, Delhi, thus leaving the residential

premises bearing No.2113/164, Tri Nagar, Delhi.

2. As for the residential premises, it was noted that after passing of

the preliminary decree on 16.07.2013, the Local Commissioner had

submitted a report stating inter alia that the said premises comprising

of three floors and a partly constructed terrace on the third floor, can

be divided by metes and bounds in terms of a proposal made in the

site plan enclosed with the said report and marked as Ex.-A. On the

said date, the defendant No.1 was present along with one Mr. Jitender

Pal Singh. It was noted that neither side had filed any objections to

CS(OS) 2668/2014 Page 1 of 5
the report of the Local Commissioner. Counsel for the plaintiffs had

stated that his clients did not have any objection to the suit premises

being partitioned by metes and bounds, as suggested by the Local

Commissioner in his report. However, the defendant No.1 had

requested that orders may be deferred so that defendants No.2 & 3

could be present on the next date. At the request of the defendant

No.1, the case was adjourned to 22.7.2015.

Source: Indian Kanoon