Shogun Organics Ltd vs Gaur Hari Guchhait & Ors on 16 December, 2015

I.A. No.25012/2015 (u/o VI R.17 CPC), by plaintiff

1. This is an application filed by the plaintiff under Order VI Rule 17
read with Section 151 CPC for amendment of the plaint. The plaintiff
wishes to enhance the valuation of the suit for the purposes of Court
fee and jurisdiction at Rs.1,00,02,400/-. Interim order in the present
matter has not been passed. It is stated in the application by the
plaintiff that from market resources, it has come to the notice of the
plaintiff that the defendants are selling and have, in fact, flooded the
market with their product D-TRANS ALLETHRIN thereby infringing the
plaintiff’s patent No.236630. In view of the said reasons, the plaintiff
seeks to amend the paragraph 36 as well as paragraph 37(b) of the
prayer clause.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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