Shefali Chawla vs Union Of India & Anr on 22 January, 2016


CM Appl. 2217/2016 (exemption) in W.P.(C) 548/2016
Allowed, subject to just exceptions.
W.P.(C) 548/2016
1. Present writ petition has been filed directing the respondent No.2 to
issue Passport to the petitioner carrying the name of her stepfather in the
column of father’s name.
2. Issue notice. Mr. Vivek Goyal, learned counsel accepts notice on
behalf of the respondents.
3. Learned counsel for petitioner states that respondents have objected to
change of petitioner’s father name on the ground that the birth certificate
issued by the Municipal Corporation bears the name of the petitioner’s
biological father, while her other documents i.e. Marriage Certificate,
Election Card, Permanent Account Number, Aadhar Card, School
Certificate etc. bear her stepfather’s name.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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