Sheetal vs State on 27 July, 2018

2. It is the case of the prosecution that on 28.02.2014, upon
receiving information through a PCR call, Vide DD No. 7A that a
dead body was seen lying near a water tank at Pusta Road, Thokar No.
13, in a field near Jhangola Village, SI Jaibeer and Const. Rajbir
reached the spot. Insp. Mahesh Kumar on getting the information also
reached the spot along with SI Kamlesh, HC Praveen and HC
Ramesh. They found that a dead body of a male Sikh aged about 45
years was lying there. It appeared to them that due to heavy impact
the body was crushed, and blood was also lying near the head of the
deceased. The dead body was lying near a berry tree and bushes, in

Crl.A. 247 & 126 of 2018 Page 2 of 36
which a blood-stained stone was lying. The deceased was wearing a
grey colour pant, a jersey and a white coloured striped shirt, and was
also wearing a hawai slippers of green and white colour. Half of the
face of the deceased was covered with a black coloured turban. The
scene of crime was got examined by the crime team and the
photographs were taken. As per the report of the crime team Ex PW-
4/A, the right eye and the forehead of the deceased were having injury
marks and one Driving License (DL No. 0120100066867) and cash
worth Rs.800/- was recovered from the inner pocket of the deceased’s
pant. The name and address mentioned on the Driving License was of
one Satwant Singh, S/o Narottam Singh, R/o H.No. 3566/2011, Gali
No. 95, B-Block, Sant Nagar, Burari. There was no eye witness at the
scene of crime. It appeared that the deceased was killed by a stone,
which was lying in the bushes nearby and was stained in blood.
Accordingly, the case was registered under section 302 IPC.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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