Shahid Ali vs State on 1 June, 2016

2. The prosecution case is that on 27th October, 2013 around 1:25 PM,
DD No.16A was received informing that a boy who was doing ‘galat kaam’
with a girl, has been caught at House No.46, Poorvi Marg. On receipt of DD

CRL.A.850/2015 Page 1 of 7
No.16A, W/SI Asha Singh, PW-7 reached the spot where SI Nand Kishore
and Constable Murari Lal were already present. She made inquiry from the
mother of the prosecutrix. As the prosecutrix was unable to speak and listen,
she recorded the statement of the mother of the prosecutrix.
3. Smt.Vinod, PW-6 mother of the prosecutrix stated that she resides in
the DDA Park, Vasant Kunj along with her husband and two children and
used to do gardening in the park. She further stated that her husband is
physically challenged and the prosecutrix, aged 8 years, is her younger child
who is deaf and dumb. On the day of the incident, the prosecutrix was
playing in the park. At around 1.00 PM when she returned to the park after
buying the medicine, she saw a crowd in the park. When she went towards
the crowd, she saw the prosecutrix and a man aged 22-23 years, whose name
was revealed as Shahid Ali. Rajesh, PW-1 informed her that Shahid Ali was
taking away the prosecutrix by gagging her mouth, to the bushes with the
intent of doing a wrongful act. On seeing Rajesh, PW-1, Shahid Ali started
running. Thereafter Rajesh called the security officers posted near the
Embassy of Israel and with the help of Hawaldar Satyadev Tiwari, PW-2,
Constable Surender Kumar, PW-3 and Constable Sonu Kumar Tomar,
Shahid Ali was apprehended. She verified the facts with the prosecutrix in
sign language who confirmed that Shahid Ali had taken her to the bushes by
gagging her mouth with the intention of doing sexual assault/harassment.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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