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Shabnam Arora vs Union Of India & Ors on 28 June, 2017

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2. In a nutshell, the facts set out in the grounds of detention on the basis
of which the detention order dated 10.10.2016 has been passed are as

W.P. (C rl) 643/2017 Page 1 of 43
2.1. Based upon specific intelligence, the Delhi Zonal Unit („DZU‟) of the
Directorate of Revenue Intelligence („DRI‟) seized 60 gold bars
weighing 9,955.2 grams at CELEBI Warehouse, Domestic Terminal,
Air Cargo Complex, New Delhi on 01-02.09.2016. The contraband
was appraised at the market value of Rs.3.06 crores. The gold was
recovered from a parcel/cargo consignment collected by one, Sartaj,
from the delivery point at the Warehouse. It was booked by M/s
Aameen Traders, Guwahati to M/s Aameen Traders, Delhi and Sartaj
was the authorized representative of M/s Aameen Traders for
collection of the consignment. The consignment was described as

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