Seikh Isarat vs State on 2 June, 2016

2. Process of law was set into motion on receipt of DD No.6B at 12.40
AM on December 22, 2011 at PS Shahbad Dairy informing that thieves have
entered Iskon Temple near Engineering College, Sector 25, Rohini. SI Arun
Kumar reached the spot where he recorded the statement of Bimlesh Kumar
Jha on the basis of which FIR No.405/2011 under Sections 392/397/34 IPC
was registered at PS Shahbad Dairy.
3. Bimlesh Kumar Jha stated that he was residing with his family at B-
286, Baljeet Vihar, Nithari and was a permanent resident of Nepal. For the
last 9 months he was working as Chowkidar at Iskon Temple, Rohini. On
December 21, 2011 he was on night duty from 8.00 PM to 8.00 AM. At
around 12.10 AM while he was taking the round of mandir, suddenly two
persons jumped the main gate and entered the mandir. They kept a knife on
his neck where after two more persons entered the mandir. One person
latched the bolt of the door of the room in which President Keshav Murari
and Brahmchari Nand were sleeping. Thereafter the four of them went to
the room where idols were kept and threatened him to keep quite or else he

Crl.A.Nos. 550/2015 & 765/2015 Page 2 of 10
would be killed. One person broke the lock of the gate and three of them
entered inside and took out four idols and donation box. In the meantime,
one man continued standing with a knife on his neck. Thereafter, the person
who has kept knife on his neck snatched the key of the lock on the main
gate, opened the main gate and all of them ran away with the articles.
Bimlesh Kumar Jha ran and opened the door of the room of President
Keshav Murari and Brahmchari Nand where after Keshav Murari rang up
100 number. The person who had kept knife on his neck was aged 35-40
years, one was around 18-20 years of short height, stout built and the other
two aged 40-42 years and thin built. All four of them after entering the
temple by showing knife had looted the idols and donation box.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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