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Section 192 Making over of cases to Magistrates

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Section 192 Making over of cases to Magistrates.

(1) Any Chief Judicial Magistrate after taking Cognizance of all offence, make over the case for inquiry or trial to and competent Magistrate subordinate to him.

(2) Any Magistrate of the first class empowered in this behalf by the Chief Judicial Magistrate may, after taking cognizance of an offence, make over the case for inquiry or trial to such other competent Magistrate as the Chief Judicial Magistrate may, by general or special order, specify, and thereupon such Magistrate may hold the inquiry or trial.


Punjab Union Territory of Chandigarh.

In section 192, for the words, “Chief Judicial Magistrate” and the words “District Magistrate of the First class” or Magistrate” wherever they occur, substitute the words “District Magistrate” and “Executive Magistrate” respectively.

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