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Section 135 of The Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881

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135.  Law of place of payment governs dishonour.— Law of place of payment governs dishonour.—Where a promissory note, bill of exchange or cheque is made payable in a different place from that in which it is made or indorsed, the law of the place where it is made payable determines what constitutes dishonour and what notice of dishonour is sufficient.


A bill of exchange drawn and indorsed in [India], but accepted payable in France, is dishonoured. The indorsee causes it to be protested for such dishonour, and gives notice thereof in accordance with the law of France though not in accordance with the rules herein contained in respect of bills which are not foreign. The notice is sufficient.

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  1. District collector k jujmnent me ye Bataya gaya Hai k 135d ki notice respondents ko mili Nahi Hai or 11 year ka deley Hai us vajah Se entry allowed Nahi ki

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