Sebi vs Information Technologies … on 9 January, 2017

Mr. Ramesh Gupta, Sr. Adv.
with Mr. Shakeel, Mr. Y.K.
Sharma, Advs. for R-1,24&5.
Mohd. Auram, Adv.for R-3.
Mr. Anendra Kr. Saraswat,
Adv. for R-7 to 12.
1. The petitioner Securities and Exchange Board of India (in short the
SEBI) filed a complaint under Section 113 and Section 621 of the
Companies Act, 1956 being CC No.159/05 against the respondents along
with an application for condonation of delay. Vide order dated 4 th June,
2008 the application for condonation of delay was rejected. Hence, the
petitioner filed a revision petition which was dismissed vide the impugned
order dated 18th January, 2011. Hence the present petition.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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