SC upholds 25% reservation for weaker sections in schools through RTE

The Supreme Court upheld the reservation of 25% seats for weaker section in the schools.

The RTE Act mandated all schools to admit at least 25% students from the economically weaker sections of society. But, the schools run by minority communities do not have to reserve a minimum of 25% seats for children from economically backward classes as mandated by India’s right to education (RTE) law.

The Constitutional bench stated that minorities have the constitutional right to run and administer educational institutes, and the Parliament could not alter these rights under its powers of Article 21A. It also stated that private unaided institutions would not be exempted as there was no violation of their right to trade or business protected under Article 19(1)(g).



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One thought on"SC upholds 25% reservation for weaker sections in schools through RTE"

  • With this judgement, the Supreme Court has placed all minority schools in a regulation – free zone. Clause (1) of Article 30 recognises the fundamental right of all minorities to establish and administer educational institutions of their choice. furthermore, this judgement imply that minority schools will continue to be permitted to charge any amount of fees, prescribe any (respective) admission criteria, adn discriminate against any class of citizens without being answerable in any court of the land to government or to aggrieved parents. This also will lead to more discrimination adn less accountability.

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