Satya Pal Sing vs State on 3 May, 2016

2. Sanjeev Kumar S/o Satya Pal Singh and Gyanwati, maker of the FIR
stated that his father Satya Pal Singh was earlier working in DTC but
because of addiction to smack, he was removed from service. His father
used to demand money from his mother and beat her daily. On the night
intervening March 15-16, 1999 he along with his two brothers was sleeping
in their room and his parents in the other room. Around 2.30 AM in the
night he woke up to urinate but could not open his room because the same
was latched from outside. On peeping from the window he found his father
in the courtyard and when he asked his father why his room was latched,

Crl.A.845/2001 Page 1 of 8
without saying anything, his father opened the latch. After urinating,
Sanjeev slept. When he got up at 5.45 AM in the morning, again his room
was latched. He banged the door and after some time, a papaya seller who
was in the gali opened the main gate and latch of his room. When he came
out of his room and went to his parent’s room, he saw his mother Gyanwati
lying on the floor in a pool of blood. Near her body, one scissor and Pana
(chabi-pana) were found. His mother had injury mark on the neck. He
suspected that his father who was not at home at that time had killed his

Source: Indian Kanoon

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