Satnam Singh Pabla vs Tata Power Delhi Distribution … on 18 January, 2017

Since it is necessary to appoint an Inquiry Officer and a Presenting Officer,
therefore in exercise of powers conferred, the undersigned appoints Sh. V.P.
Garg as the Inquiry Officer and Sh. V.K. Puri as the Presiding Officer.

Sh. Satnam Singh Pabla, Ex. Emp. No. 8201, Ex. Shift Officer will be given
adequate opportunity for his defence at the enquiry.

Shushil Kumar Srivastava
Head (Human Resources)
Competent Disciplinary Authority

Sh. Satnam Singh Pabla Through: Registered Post with AD
Ex. Empl. No. – 8201
Ex. Shift Officer
Address: 1721-B, Tri Nagar,
Delhi- 110035

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Source: Indian Kanoon

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