Sand mining mafia associated with the Larji dam tragedy

Environmental activists, along with the locals believe that a sand mining mafia is responsible for this tragedy where 25 engineering students from Andhra Pradesh drowned on Sunday as a result of sudden opening of dam gates without any prior warning.

Environments activists alleged that the dam officials are bribed to open the gates in one go rather than slowly release of water. They claim that the fast discharge of huge volume of water leads to large amount of sand getting settled on riverbeds, which dry up fast. These deposits are then smuggled by the mafia during the late nights. For this purpose, they have also carved a road at this restricted site for smooth running of their tractors and trolleys.

The activists and locals questioned the dam authorities:

  • Why the dam authorities had not put any warning posters or hoardings at such sites?
  • Why patrol vehicles with sirens aren’t run on roads alongside the river on such occasions?
  • Why didn’t the dam authorities blew siren before releasing such huge amount of waters?


Special Correspondent