Sachin & Anr vs Jhabbu Lal & Anr on 24 November, 2016

2. On 29th August, 2016 the appellants requested for a date on the
ground that the counsel was suffering from fever. This Court passed the
following order:-
“1. Only for the reason that counsel for the appellants is said
to be down with fever, therefore, this case is adjourned,
otherwise prima facie I find no merits in the appeal where
appellants/defendants who are son and daughter-in-law of the
respondents/plaintiffs have been evicted from the suit premises.
2. List on 7th September, 2016.”

3. On 7th September, 2016 after hearing respondent No.2, mother of the
appellant No.1, with the consent of the parties, appellant No.1 Sachin was
directed to pay ` 3500/- per month to the respondents/parents with effect
from September, 2016. Appellant No.1 Sachin undertook to comply with

RSA 136/2016 Page 1 of 6
this obligation. He also agreed not to stop his elder brother Sanjay
(Defendant No.1) from using the second floor of the property. Matter was
also referred to the mediation. Mediation report dated 17 th October, 2016
received with the report that it was ‘Non-Starter’.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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