Rudravaram Jhansi Rani & Ors vs Religare Finvest Limited on 10 June, 2016

2. Brief facts of the case are that the petitioner No.1 had applied
with M/s Citi Financial Consumer Finance India Ltd. (predecessor
Company of the respondent) for availing loan facility. The loan was
sanctioned and disbursed to the tune of Rs.74,75,000/- on 31st
October, 2007. The petitioner No.1 signed and executed relevant

OMP No.246/2015 Page 1 of 5
documents in this regard with the predecessor Company of the
respondent. It is stated that the loan was to be repaid by the
petitioner No.1 within 180 months along with interest @ 13% per
annum. As per the petitioners, the loan installments of
Rs.94,755/- per month were paid from 5th December, 2007 till 5th July,

Source: Indian Kanoon

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