Rohit Aggarwal vs State (Govt. Of Nct Of Delhi on 19 June, 2018

Bail Appln. 1358/2018 Page 1 of 15
2. The FIR, which was based on a complaint by Ms Shakuntala
Devi (hereinafter referred to as “the complainant”), alleged that (i) in
December, 2016, the complainant had purchased a flat from Harish
Arora, and had asked Harish Arora to arrange a tenant, (ii) in April,
2017, Harish Arora told the complainant that he was renting the flat to
the present applicant, who was known to him, (iii) her son Manish
Dagar got in touch with the applicant, and informed him that the flat
belonged to the complainant, (iv) their friend Vikas Dahiya also
contacted the applicant and informed him that the flat belonged to the
complainant, and was being rented out to him on her behalf, (v) a few
days later, Harish Arora informed her that he had given the flat on rent
to the applicant, and that a written rent agreement would be executed
shortly, and (vi) later, when Vikas Dahiya visited the flat, he found it
occupied by someone else, who professed total ignorance regarding
the complainant being the owner of the flat, and said that he would be
paying the rent to the applicant, who had rented out the flat to him. As
such, the complainant alleged that the applicant, in collusion with the
occupant of the flat, were trying to grab the flat illegally, and that they
were neither vacating the flat nor paying rent to her. She, in these
circumstances, requested the Police authorities to get the flat vacated,
and to register a case against the applicant under Sections 420/406/34,

Source: Indian Kanoon

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