Rocky Tuseed vs University Of Delhi & Ors. on 20 July, 2018

W.P.(C) No. 7980/2017 Page 1 of 37
W.P.(C) 7980/2017
1. The present petition has been filed by the petitioner with

the following prayers-

“In the above premise, it is most humbly prayed that
this Hon’ble Court be graciously please
i. Call for the records of the abovementioned
election pertaining to the petitioner;
ii. to issue a writ of certiorari quashing the impugned
order dated 06.09.2017 and all actions of the
respondents’ before and after rejecting the candidature
of the petitioner; pass such other orders and further orders as may
be deemed necessary on the facts and in the
circumstances of the case.”

Source: Indian Kanoon

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