Rkdf Medical College Hospital And … vs Union Of India & Ors. on 9 October, 2015

% 09.10.2015

CM No. 23067/2015 (Exemption)
1. Allowed subject to just exceptions.
WP(C) 9663/2015 & CM No. 23066/2015 (Stay)
2. Issue notice.
3. Mr Bhardwaj accepts notice on behalf of respondent no.1, while Mr
Singhdev accepts notice on behalf of respondent no.2. On steps being taken
notice shall issue to respondent no.3.
4. It is the contention of the learned senior counsels for the petitioners
that pursuant to the orders passed by the Supreme Court, in the peculiar facts
and circumstances of the case, the time for admission has been extended in
their case, till 10.10.2015. For this purpose, reliance is placed on the order

WP(C) 9663/2015 Page 1 of 13
dated 22.09.2015 passed by the Supreme Court (see page 211 of the paper

Source: Indian Kanoon

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