Rkdf Medical College Hospital And … vs Union Of India & Ors. on 29 December, 2015

Advocates who appeared in this case:
For the Petitioners : Mr. Nidhesh Gupta, Sr. Advocate with Mr Amalpushp Shroti and Mr
Somesh Chandra Jha, Advocates
For the Respondents: Mr. Dev P. Bhardwaj and Mr Vidhur Mohan, Advocates for R-1.
Mr T. Singhdev, Ms Puja Sarkar, Ms Biakthansanghi & Mr Sanjay
Kumar, Advocates for R-2.
Mr Arjun Garg and Mr Manish Yadav, Advocates for R-4.

WP(C) 9663/2015 & CM No. 23066/2015 (Stay)
1. This is a writ petition whereby, the petitioners, seek a direction qua the
respondents to renew permission for admission to the second batch for MBBS
Course (comprising of 150 students), for the academic year 2015-2016.
1.1 In respect of the above, the impediment in the way of the petitioners, is
the final order of the first respondent i.e. Union of India (hereafter referred to as
the Central Government), dated 28.09.2015. The Central Government, in
reaching its conclusion (which is, that it would not renew permission for
admission to second batch for MBBS course, with respect to the academic year

WP(C) 9663/2015 Page 1 of 53
2015-2016), has taken into account the recommendation of respondent no.2 i.e.
the Medical Council of India (in short the MCI), as also, the recommendations
of its own “Hearing Committee” (in short the Committee). It is, therefore,
pertinent to note that the MCI’s recommendations to the Central Government
are contained in its communication dated 24.09.2015.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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