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Rkdf Medical College Hospital And … vs Union Of India & Ors on 12 October, 2015

% 12.10.2015

CM Nos. 23341/2015 (O. 1 R. 10 CPC & 23342/2015 (for directions)
1. The captioned applications were mentioned by the counsel for the
petitioners today, at 10:30 a.m. Consequent thereto, these applications were
directed to be listed and, resultantly have been taken up for hearing in the
post-lunch session. The petitioners were asked to serve the standing counsel
for the Government of Madhya Pradesh. I am informed that Mr Arjun Garg,
Advocate, who is the standing counsel for the Government of Madhya
Pradesh, has been served. Notice of motion shows that the applications have
been received on behalf of Mr Arjun Garg, Advocate.
1.1 Accordingly, counsel for the petitioners will file an affidavit of
service with the court, before close of court hours.

Source: Indian Kanoon