Reliance General Insurance Co. … vs Suman Jee Jha & Ors on 24 November, 2016

2. Learned counsel for the appellant urged at the time of hearing of
this appeal that the compensation awarded to respondent No.1 is on
higher side and it warrants reduction. It is further submitted that the

MAC. APP. 833/2012 Page 1 of 1
respondent No.1 was contributory negligent and, therefore, the
compensation is liable to be reduced on that account. Learned counsel
for the appellant further submits that compensation of Rs.55,000/-
towards litigation expenses and Rs.5,000/- towards expenses be set
3. Respondent No.1 is present in Court and his permanent
disability has been seen. Respondent No.1 was earlier working as a
driver. However, he is unable to driver after the accident due to the
amputation of the right hand. Considering the functional disability of
respondent No.1, the compensation awarded by the Claims Tribunal is
just, fair and reasonable and does not warrant any reduction.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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