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Re-M/S Jvg Finance Ltd. vs …. on 7 August, 2020

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1. This application is filed by the applicant-M/s. Tirupati Cylinders Ltd.
seeking the following reliefs:-
“a) issue appropriate direction or order to the effect to set aside
or not to accept the recommendation made by the learned Mr.
G.P. Thareja – the Presiding Officer of the One Man Committee
constituted by this Hon‟ble Court in its XIIIth Report dated
05.02.2007 in regard with the claim made by the present
applicant in CA No. 1171 of 2003 in Company Petition No. 265
of 1998 in the interest of justice;

b) grant permission to the applicant company to complete the

CO.PET. 265/1998 Page 1 of 32
process of registration/execution of the Sale Deeds of the land
mentioned in the Annexure A-2 in terms & conditions as
mentioned in the said agreements annexed with the Annexure
A-3 (colly) by modifying/clarifying the said order dated
03.02.2002 passed by this Hon‟ble Court in the present case
and also issue appropriate further direction to the appropriate
authority not to put any restriction in the process of
registration/execution of sale deeds of the properties as
mentioned in Annexure A-2; or

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