Ravindra Kumar Sood vs Ntpc & Ors. on 2 May, 2016

R.P.Nos.590/2015 & 78/2016
1. By a common judgment dated November 18, 2015 three appeals
were disposed of. Relief granted to the appellant in LPA No.684/2011
has become the subject matter of the above captioned two review
petitions, one filed by the respondent and the other by the appellant.
2. To set the setting for the factual backdrop concerning the two
review petitions, the judgment, review whereof is prayed for by both
sides records the checkered history of the appellant after he joined NTPC
R.P.Nos.590/2015 & 78/2016 in LPA No.684/2011 Page 1 of 9
in the Accounts Department as a Junior Controller in the year 1986 and
was served with a charge sheet in the same year, followed by another
charge sheet issued and the proceedings terminating therefrom in the
form of the former resulting in penalty of one increment with cumulative
effect imposed and the latter resulting in initially a penalty of removal
from service being imposed, but converted into a penalty of censure. At a
meeting held on January 16, 1989 it was decided that all cases would be
closed and as a result on January 01, 1990 the appellant being promoted
as a Controller Grade II. Appellant made representations that he be
promoted to the post of Controller Grade II with effect from January 01,
1987 or at least with effect from January 01, 1988 when period of penalty
of stoppage of one increment came to an end.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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