Ranjeet Mukhiya vs State on 15 March, 2016

2. SI Jitender Joshi recorded the statement Ex.PW-26/A of Jagdish
Kumar, as per which he had employed three labourers : named Jumman
Paswan, the deceased and the accused : Ranjeet Mukhiya; all of whom
used to reside in his factory. On September 07, 2013 he had handed over
`1,800/- to the accused in presence of the deceased and Lalu Mukhiya.
The money was to be divided amongst the three labourers employed by
him. Since some material had to be supplied, at around 07:00 AM today,
from his mobile number 9212095078 he made a call to mobile number
9718335231 which was with the accused, but got no response and
therefore he called up Lalu Mukhiya and requested him to check at the
factory and after sometime Lalu Mukhiya informed him that the factory
was locked from outside, at which he told him to jump over the main gate
and find out what was wrong. Lalu Mukhiya informed him after
sometime that having scaled the main gate he found the deceased lying
dead in the ledge and the other two labourers missing. Therefore, he
made a telephonic call to the police informing of the deceased lying dead
inside his factory.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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