Ranjeet Kaur vs State (Nct Govt. Of Delhi) on 6 October, 2015

1. Aggrieved by a judgment dated 23.02.2011 in Sessions Case

No.232/2010 arising out of FIR No.475/2004 PS Nangloi by which the

Crl.A.306/2011 & connected matter. Page 1 of 11
appellants – Ranjeet Kaur (A-1) under Section 328 IPC and 109 read

with Section 376 IPC and Raju @ Nepali (A-2) under Section 376 IPC

were convicted, they have filed the instant appeals to impugn its legality

and correctness. By an order dated 28.02.2011, A-1 was awarded RI for

ten years with fine ` 25,000/- under Sections 109/34 IPC r/w Section 376

IPC and RI for seven years with fine ` 10,000/- under Section 328 IPC. A-

2 was sentenced to undergo RI for ten years with fine ` 25,000/- under

Section 376 IPC. It is pertinent to mention that one Neelam @ Billo was

also convicted and sentenced by the impugned judgment. However, the

appeal preferred by her stood abated as she expired during the pendency

of the appeal. It is relevant to note that Neelam @ Billo was acquitted of

the charge under Section 5 of the ITP Act and State did not challenge it.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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