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Rama Pandey vs Union Of India & Ors. on 17 July, 2015

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1 A synthesis of science and divinity (at least for those who believe in
it), led to the culmination of the petitioner’s desire for a child. Married, on
18.01.1998, to one Sh. Atul Pandey, the petitioner’s, wish to have a child
was fulfilled on 09.02.2013, albeit via the surrogacy route. Her bundle of
joy comprised of twins, who were born on the aforementioned date, at a city
1.1 To effectuate the aforesaid purpose, the petitioner had entered into an
arrangement with, one, Ms Aarti, wife of Mr Surya Narayan (hereafter
referred to as the surrogate mother). The arrangement required the surrogate
mother to bear a child by employing the In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF)
methodology. The methodology used and agreed upon required the genetic

father to fertilize, In-Vitro, the ovum supplied by a designated donor. The
resultant embryo was then required to be transferred and implanted in the
surrogate mother. This arrangement, along with other terms and conditions,
which included rights and obligations of the commissioning parents, as also
those of the surrogate mother, were reduced to a written agreement dated
08.08.2012 (in short the surrogacy agreement).

Source: Indian Kanoon

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