Raju Kumar Singh vs State on 20 May, 2016

2. The incident whereby the child was sexually abused was
reported to the police vide Daily Diary (DD) No.87B (Ex.PW-3/A) on
21.02.2014 at around 10.50 p.m. The Investigating Officer after recording
the statement of victim’s mother (Ex.PW-4/A) lodged First Information
Report. The prosecutrix was medically examined; she recorded her 164
Cr.P.C. statement. The accused was arrested. Statements of witnesses
conversant with the facts were recorded. Upon completion of investigation,
a charge-sheet was filed against the appellant for commission of various
offences in the court. To substantiate its case, the prosecution examined 13
witnesses. The appellant denied his involvement in the crime and pleaded
false implication; he did not produce any evidence in defence. The trial
resulted in his conviction as aforesaid. Being aggrieved and dissatisfied, the
instant appeal has been filed.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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