Rajpal @ Hathi @ Sonu vs State on 20 May, 2016

2. DD No.10A was received in the intervening night of 9th/10th May,
2013 at 3:15 AM informing that a red Yamaha motorcycle bearing No.8881
has been taken away from House No.1827/6, Priyadarshini Colony, Yamuna

Crl.A. 1743/2014 Page 1 of 5
Bazar. This DD was handed over to SI Hawa Singh, PW-5 who along with
Constable Sonu, PW-6 reached the spot at 3.30 AM where Sanjay PW-3
informed him that around 3:00 AM, Rajpal @ Hathi came to his house and
stated that PW-3 along with appellant’s brother want to get the appellant
apprehended by giving secret information to the police to which PW-3
replied that they have neither made any complaint nor given any secret
information to the police. Rajpal got furious and asked him to give the keys
of the motorcycle or come along with him on the motorcycle. When PW-3
refused, Rajpal snatched the keys of the motorcycle Yamaha Fazer bearing
No.DL -S6 M-8881 of red colour and threatened to kill him by pointing the
knife if PW-3 tried to follow him. When PW-3 asked Rajpal as to where he
was taking the motorcycle, Rajpal told him that he will give back his
motorcycle in the morning. PW-3 also stated that since Rajpal had
previously threatened to get him involved in a false criminal case so he was
afraid that Rajpal might use the motorcycle for some crime and get him
involved in a criminal case. Therefore, he informed the police so that he can
get his motorcycle back and legal action be taken against the appellant. On
the basis of this statement, FIR No.110/2013 under Sections 392/397 IPC
was registered. On 15th May, 2013 the motorcycle was seized and the crime
team reached the spot and carried out inspection of the motorcycle. On 19th
May, 2013 Rajpal was apprehended from Amritsar along with his sister-in-
law Ranjita, PW-7. The keys of the motorcycle were recovered from the
possession of Rajpal.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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