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Rajiv Bhasin vs Centre For Develpment Of … on 4 March, 2021

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1. By this application, applicant/petitioner is seeking clarification of

order dated 13.05.2019 passed by this Court.

2. At the hearing, learned counsel for petitioner submitted that petitioner

has preferred W.P.(C) 7950/2020 challenging the charge-sheet dated

26.04.2019 issued against him and in the said petition, respondent has

insisted that the issue pertaining to charge sheet dated 26.04.2019, issued to

the petitioner on 29.04.2019, already stands closed by this Court vide its

W.P.(C)4808/2019 Page 1 of 7
order dated 13.05.2019, hence, the petitioner has lost the right to agitate the

same in the subsequent petition.

3. Learned counsel for petitioner further submitted that illegal issuance

of charge-sheet and contents thereof were never pleaded nor argued before

this Court, as the same was not even served upon the petitioner at the time

of filing of the present writ petition. Thus, petitioner prayed to clarify the

order to the extent that all the issues pertaining to charge sheet dated

26.04.2019 are open and can be agitated by petitioner in a subsequent writ


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