Rajinder & Ors. vs State on 19 January, 2016

1. A missing report was lodged by Sita Ram, S/o Bal Kishan on January
08, 1993 stating that his father who had gone in the morning to open the
shop at East Park Road after opening shop has not returned and is missing.
He has made search in all the hospitals. On January 10, 1993 Sita Ram
lodged a further report Ex.PW-4/B stating that his father was missing since
January 08, 1993 and that while searching him he went to the first floor of
the place of his business and on opening the room he found some blood and
two broken teeth which appeared to be that of his father, and he suspected
his servant Rajinder, his brother Lallan and their relative Suraj Lal in the
kidnapping of his father for extorting money. He further stated that
Rajinder, Lallan and Suraj Lal were also missing since January 08, 1993.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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