Rajesh Kumar Gandhi vs Shriram Institute For Industrial … on 27 July, 2015

1. The appellant : Rajesh Kumar Gandhi is aggrieved by the
impugned decision dated January 23, 2013 passed in W.P.(C)
No.4019/2010 filed by the respondent : Shriram Institute for Industrial
Research. The grievance of the respondent in the writ petition was to the
finding returned in the award dated September 04, 2009 that the
appellant’s dismissal from service was illegal on account of non-supply
of the report of the Inquiry Officer to the appellant. Further grievance
was to the finding in the award that since as per the letter of appointment
one month notice pay was not given and hence Section 25F of the ID Act,
1947 was violated and lastly to the finding that for the misconduct of

unauthorized absence penalty of dismissal from service was

Source: Indian Kanoon

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