Rajesh Jain vs State (Thr. Ld.App) on 2 May, 2018

2. Brief conspectus of facts as per FIR No. 205/2016 are that on 8th
November, 2016 pursuant to the demonization of one thousand and five
hundred rupees currency notes announced by the Government of India, Raj
Kumar Goel conspired with Ashish Kumar, Bank Manager of Kotak
Mahindra Bank, one Chartered Accountant and one mediator who used to
bring money to the bank to earn huge profits by converting black money in
the form of old demonetized currency into new currency notes. The alleged
mediator was offered commission on all such transactions. Raj Kumar Goel,
having bank accounts in Kotak Mahindra Bank, Naya Bazar Branch,
deposited old currency notes in Kotak Mahindra Bank, Connaught Place
Branch pursuant to the instructions of the chartered accountant and Ashish
Kumar. Thereafter, the bank manager issued demand drafts in the name of
Sunil Kumar, Seema Bai, Dinesh Kumar and others against the cash
deposited. It was further alleged that various bank accounts were opened in
the name of various companies on the basis of forged and fabricated
documents and approximately ₹25 crores had been deposited by the accused
persons in these companies after demonetization. Thus, the new currency,
which was to be delivered to the general public in regulated manner, has
been misappropriated by the accused persons for illegal monetary gains.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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