Rajendra Singh vs Uoi & Ors. on 4 January, 2016

Subject: Restoration of position of Director in
The representation of Shri B.K. Mishra, Assistant
Director on the above subject was considered. The
President is pleased to restore the position of Shri B.K.
Mishra, Assistant Director to the post of DIRECTOR,
FISHCOPFED w.e.f. 1.06.2006, subject to finalization of
pending Departmental Inquiry against him.
Managing Director”
11. A perusal of the above order would show that the restoration of

respondent No.3 was done on the representation made by respondent

No.3. The date of representation is not given. Whether such a

representation was by way of a statutory remedy available to the

respondent No.3 is also not clear. During the course of his submission,

Mr. Khan had placed before me a letter dated November 6, 2003 of the

Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairying

addressed to the Managing Director of the respondent No.2, wherein the

following was stated:-

Source: Indian Kanoon

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