Rajender Prashad vs Govt. Of Nct Of Delhi on 4 August, 2016

1. Though based on different set of facts, the controversy in all the
petitions centers on common issues relating to the exercise of legislative
power and executive control in the administration of National Capital
Territory of Delhi (NCTD).

2. The parties to the writ petitions and the orders impugned have been
set out in the following Table so as to get a glimpse of the controversy
involved in each writ petition.

W.P.(C) 5888/2015 & batch Page 4 of 194
Sl.No. Writ Petition Parties Impugned order/action
1. W.P.(C) No.5888/2015 GNCTD vs. UOI Notifications dated 21.05.2015 and 23.07.2014
issued by the Govt. of India, Ministry of Home
Affairs empowering the Lt. Governor to exercise
the powers in respect of matters connected with
‘Services’ and directing the ACB Police Station not
to take cognizance of offences against officials of
Central Government.
Source: Indian Kanoon

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