Rajdeep vs Gurmeet Singh on 1 September, 2016

2. The preamble statement above, if read by a lay person, would result in
the person forming an opinion that it is very easy for a Judge to decide a
matrimonial dispute because the contours of law are so well defined that
cases on either side of the line can be identified with precision.
3. Alas! This is not so. Human relations are built on feelings. Not on
reason or logic. Feeling is not an exact science; it has vagueness around it.
Law and justice is built on reason and logic – not feelings. Therefore the
process of judicial decision making in matrimonial affairs is riddled with
complications. To a person who is weathered by time and circumstances
and whose emotions have been overcome by the vagaries of time, a hard
word spoken may be inconsequential. To a soft minded person, where
feelings matter more, even the most trivial word would be cruel. More the
love – more the affection. But the danger would be that a slightest dent
would break the edifice.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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