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Raj Pal vs Ram Phal Thr Lrs on 18 September, 2015

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1. I have heard learned counsels for the parties. Though the evidence
led by the parties has not been placed on record and the Trial Court record
has not been requisitioned, during the course of arguments, the parties have
produced the relevant evidence before this Court from their own record,
which have been perused by this Court.
2. The present second appeal is directed against the judgment and decree
passed by the First Appellate Court, namely, ADJ-06, South Distt., New
Delhi in RCA No.12/2014 preferred by the appellant/defendant. By the
impugned judgment and decree, the First Appellate Court has dismissed the

said first appeal of the appellant and affirmed the judgment and decree
passed by the Trial Court, namely, SCJ-cum-RC (North) Delhi in Suit
No.99/1999 titled Sh. Ram Phal v. Ram Kishan & Anr. The Trial Court by
the said judgment and preliminary decree, has decreed the original suit
seeking partition, possession and rendition of accounts/mesne profits.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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