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Raj Kumar vs State on 8 June, 2017

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“It is the case of prosecution that on 03.04.2010
Inspector Narender Tyagi posted at PS Hazrat

Crl.A.No.1378/2012 Page 1 of 7
Nizamuddin Railway Station was on patrolling duty vide
DD no.12-A. At about 3.20 pm, he reached Cumsome
Restaurant, where Ct. Alok Kumar met him. Thereafter,
they both reached DFMD Gate, Cumsome Restaurant
side and started checking the passengers on its left side.
It is case of the prosecution that at about 3.40 p.m. Raj
Kumar was found coming from the side of platform no.2-
3 towards DFMD gate. He was wearing black pant and
grey t-shirt and carrying one brief-case having in his
right hand, another brief-case in his left hand and one
black thaila on his left shoulder. At that time Ct. Alok
Kumar observed that one person behind Raj Kumar
moved fast through DFMD Gate and lost in the crowd.
Raj Kumar accused was stopped for his checking and
asked to produce keys of the brief-cases. It is also case
of the prosecution that when the brief-case of black cover
was checked, it was found to contain two packets. On
smelling those packets were found containing Ganja.
The other brief-case of green colour cover was checked.
It was also found containing two packets wrapped in
newspaper. Their contents were Ganja. The thaila,
which Raj Kumar was carrying, was found to contain
clothes. Inspector Narender Tyagi recorded information
and sent Ct. Alok Kumar to hand over the same to the
SHO. The constable was also instructed to bring IO kit
at the spot. The Inspector requested 4-5 passengers to
join the investigation, but none accepted. A notice under
section 50 of the Act was given to Raj Kumar, but he
refused to avail the offer. His refusal was recorded.
Nothing more was recovered on his search.”
Source: Indian Kanoon

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