R.C. Sood & Co. Private Limited vs — on 18 March, 2016

1.1 To be noted, the scheme is configured in a manner whereby, a
demerged undertaking of the transferor company will merge with the
resulting company.
1.3 The transferor company and resulting company, as referred to above,

CP719/2015 Page 1 of 6
will hereafter be collectively referred to as the petitioners.
1.4 The registered office of the petitioners are located within the territorial
jurisdiction of this court.
1.5 The details with respect to incorporation and the petitioners’
authorised, issued, subscribed and paid up capital have been set out in the
1.6 The transferor company was originally incorporated on 20.01.1954
under the name and style: R.C. Sood & Co Limited, in consonance with the
provisions of the Indian Companies Act, 1913. Thereafter, the transferor
company converted into a private limited company and a fresh Certificate of
Incorporation dated 18.07.2000 was issued by the Registrar of Companies,
NCT of Delhi and Haryana (in short, ROC). Thus, with effect from
18.07.2000 the transferor company got converted into a private limited
company and its name was changed to its present name viz., R.C. Sood & Co
Private Limited.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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