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Puneet Urao vs State Nct Of Delhi on 1 June, 2017

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Since these four appeals are directed against common impugned
judgment, so these appeals have been taken up for hearing together and
are being decided by this common judgment. In pursuance of production
warrants issued vide last order, appellants have appeared in person.
The precise case set up against appellants by complainant-Chander
Shekhar Aggarwal, as noticed in the impugned judgment, is that on 14th
June, 2012, at about 8.20 P.M., he alongwith his wife-Shanta Aggarwal
was watching T.V. and three persons with faces covered with black color
masks entered in his bedroom and they asked them to keep quite by
pointing a pistol, which as per complainant, was a country made pistol.
They were also in possession of Knife, Dagger and a weapon used to
break open the almirah. They allegedly caught hold of his wife. The
complainant tried to run out of the room and shouted for the servants
namely Prem Singh and Ashok but got no response. The accused persons
were five in number and only three entered the room and one of them was

Crl.Appeals 331/16, 410/16, 784/16 & 228/17 Page 2 of 8
present on the staircase and the other was in the lobby to keep a vigil. The
accused dragged the complainant to interior of the room and asked him to
hand over the cash. Complainant’s wife, being threatened, handed over
the keys of the almirah to her husband, who opened the almirah and
handed over two packets of `50,000/- each to them. The accused persons
forced the complainant to hand over his purse which was containing
`5200/- and 100 US Dollars. Thereafter, accused persons dragged the
complainant to his Pooja room and tied him with ropes. The complainant
found that both of these servants were also immobilized as their legs and
hands were tied and mouth gagged. The accused persons had
disconnected the telephone lines. After looting, all the three accused, who
were inside the room and carried out the booty and left the house around
8:40 P.M.. Only after this, one of the servants was able to untie himself,
who then untied all the other persons including the complainant. The case
under Section 395 IPC was registered at PS Rajinder Nagar on 14 th June,
2012 on the complaint of aforesaid complainant-Sh. C.S. Aggarwal.

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