Prof R Chandra vs Gnct Of Delhi & Ors. on 23 September, 2015

1. Challenge in LPA No.132/2014 is to the order dated November 18,
2013 dismissing R.P.No.584/2013 filed by the appellant and thereby not
reviewing the order dated September 12, 2013, which has been challenged
by the appellant in LPA No.133/2014.
2. Learned counsel for the appellant concedes that no appeal lies against
an order dismissing a review petition and thus LPA No.132/2014 is liable to
be dismissed on said ground alone.
3. As regards LPA No.133/2014, the relevant facts to be noted are that
the appellant was serving with the Regional Engineering College,
Kurukshetra (established by the State of Haryana) since August 03, 1970 till
June 23, 1982. The very next day i.e. on June 24, 1982 he was appointed as
an Assistant Professor under the Delhi Technological University
(Respondent No.2), earlier known as Delhi College of Engineering, which
was then an autonomous college under the Government of NCT Delhi and
as of today is a deemed university established by the Government of NCT of
Delhi. Service under respondent No.2 is governed by the CCS (Pension)
Rules, 1972 framed by the Central Government and the office
memorandums issued by the Central Government concerning pension of
Central Government Employees are applicable to the respondent No.2. The
appellant superannuated from service under respondent No.2 somewhere in
the year 2001 (exact date and month not disclosed in the pleadings) and the
dispute pertains to qualifying service being calculated for pension with
reference to the past service rendered by the appellant from August 03, 1970
till June 23, 1982 under the Regional Engineering College Kurukshetra.
Whereas the appellant claims a right for said period to be reckoned towards
pensionable service, the respondent No.2 pleads to the contrary.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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