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Praveen @ Bablu vs State on 16 June, 2017

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Impugned order of 22nd March, 2016, sentences appellant to
rigorous imprisonment for 10 years with fine of `50,000/- for committing
offence punishable under Section 376 (2) of IPC. Trial court has directed
that in default of payment of fine, appellant shall undergo rigorous
imprisonment for one year. The facts as noticed in impugned judgment
are as under: –
Crl.A.533/2016 Page 1 of 8
On 18th August 2012, SI Jaivir Singh recorded statement
of Smt. Jameela (PW1), the mother of the victim, who told him
that she alongwith her family was residing in a rented
accommodation; that her one son, aged about 11 years was
residing with his grand parents in their village, whereas her
other four children were living with her; that on 18 th August,
2012 at about 3.30 pm, her youngest daughter S, aged 5
years, alongwith other children was playing in the courtyard
and she was chatting with Ms. Anjum, the aunt of her husband,
and then Sameer, aged 6 years, the son of Anjum came to her
and told her that Parveen @ Bablu uncle, having given her
toffee had sent him outside to play and thereafter, he bolted
her daughter S alongwith him in his room; that the mother of
the victim rushed towards the room of Parveen and found that
the door was closed; that she heard cries of her daughter
through the window in the room; that she removed the curtain
from the window and peeped inside and saw that Parveen @
Bablu had laid her daughter straight on the floor of the room
and after laying himself on her was committing rape upon her;
that she raised alarm in high voice and after hearing her voice
the accused released her daughter and after putting her
underwear on, opened the door of the room; that she caught
hold of her daughter and after hearing her voice neighbours
had gathered on the spot, and landlord Mobin Khan made a
telephonic call to her husband, who after reaching the house
called his employer S.K.Sharma, who after reaching called the
police on number 100.
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