Prakash Atlanta (Jv) vs National Highways Authority Of … on 17 March, 2016

i) LetterofAcceptance;
ii) Notice toProceedwith theWorks;
iii) Contractor’sBid;
iv) ContractData (VolumeI)
v) ConditionsofContract (includingSpecialConditionsofContract ) (VolumeI);
vi) TechnicalSpecifications (VolumeII);
vii) BillOfQuantities (VolumeIII)
viii) Drawings (VolumeIV);
ix) Documents furnishedby theBidder inVolumeVof theBidDocument;
x) AddendumtoBidDocument; and
xi) Anyotherdocument listed in theContractDataas formingpart of the Contract.
2. It is an itemrate contractwithBill ofQuantities specified. For the listedquantities, the amount payableby
NHAI to Prakash is `158,80,42,413/- (RupeesOneHundredFiftyEight Crores EightyLacs FortyTwoThousandFourHundred
Thirteenonly). Prakashhad to construct theLucknowBypassconnectingNH-25andNH-28viaNH-56passingthrough theCityof

FAO(OS) 428/2007, 621/2015 & 585/2015 Page 2 of 19
Lucknowin theStateofUttarPradesh. Thedateof commencementwasAugust30, 2001andcompletionperiodwas36months.

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