Poonam Sharma And Ors. vs Lt. Governor And Ors. on 21 February, 2017

2. Learned counsel for the petitioners pleads that petitioners are

entitled to benefit of Section 10 of the Delhi School Education Act, 1973 for

being granted salaries which are the same as the salaries of employees in

government schools, and to which legal proposition there is no quarrel,

however, before this Court grants the relief of a particular pay-scale, it has

W.P.(C) No. 4601/2010 Page 1 of 3
first to be established by pleadings and documents of the petitioners that

petitioners were getting what particular pay-scale and which is less than

which particular pay-scale of similarly situated employees of government

schools. There are no documents annexed to the writ petition as to what are

the salaries which the petitioners were drawing and also that what are the

salaries which petitioners claim of similarly placed persons such as the

petitioners who are Assistant Teachers in government schools, and

therefore, in the absence of pleadings and necessary supporting

documentation, this Court cannot direct that the petitioners were in fact paid

lesser salaries, what is the difference of salaries which the petitioners were

entitled to, and so on.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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