Pooja Gosain vs Sunil Gosain on 7 November, 2016

The parties to the present suit are sister and brother. The plaintiff claims
declaration as she is entitled to 50% share each of the deceased parents assets,
which include:
(i) Property bearing No.23, Road No.64, West Punjabi Bagh, New
Delhi; and
(ii) Tenancy rights of Shop No.6-A, East Avenue Market, East Punjabi
Bagh, New Delhi.
The matter was passed over once when the parties were directed to remain
present in Court. The parties are present along with their counsel. The matter
was passed over again to enable the parties to confer with their counsel and
explore the possibility of an amicable settlement.
The parties have arrived at an amicable settlement on the following
agreed terms:

Source: Indian Kanoon

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