Polycab Electronics Private … vs — on 18 March, 2016

1), Polycab Wire Industries Private Limited (i.e non-petitioner / transferor
company no. 2), Polycab Electrical Industries Private Limited (i.e non-
petitioner / transferor company no.3), Datar Nouveau Energietechnik
Limited (i.e non-petitioner / transferor company no.4) with Polycab wires
private limited (i.e non-petitioner / transferee company).
2. The transferor company no. 5, will hereafter be referred, to as the
petitioner company.
3. The registered office of the petitioner company is located within the
territorial jurisdiction of this court.
4. The details with respect to the petitioner company’ authorised, issued,
subscribed and paid up capital are set out in paragraph 6 of the petition.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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