Parminder Singh vs Inderjeet Singh & Anr on 28 November, 2016

2. I have heard learned counsel for the appellant/plaintiff as well as
learned counsel for respondent No.2 – the contesting respondent.
3. Mr.B.L.Chawla, learned counsel for the respondent No.2 has
submitted that since no substantial question of law arises in this appeal, the
same may be dismissed.
4. The submissions made by learned counsel for respondent No.2 has to

RSA 249/2016 Page 1 of 6
be negated in view of the observations made by this Court in the proceedings
dated September 09, 2016 to the following effect:-
‘1. It is noted that the judgment of the first appellate Court
notes that 18 opportunities were given to the plaintiff, but I
have seen the order sheets and the opportunities are 8 in
number and in some of which some evidence was left on behalf
of the appellant/plaintiff.’

Source: Indian Kanoon

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