Paardarshita Public Welfare … vs Union Of India & Ors. on 9 May, 2016

1. This petition by way of public interest petition has been filed alleging
that passports are being issued to Indian citizens and foreigners with non-
existent addresses on the basis of false police verification reports of Special
Branch of Delhi Police. Thus, a direction is sought to the National
Investigating Agency and Central Bureau of Investigation to investigate into
the alleged illegal practices.
2. To substantiate the allegation of issuance of passports to the persons
with non-existent addresses, the petitioner made a specific reference to the
passports issued to 5 persons, namely, Malla Sumitra, Santosh, Paru

W.P.(C) No.1699/2015 Page 1 of 8
Sharma, Manish Dubey and Barkha Yadav. The copies of the passports
issued to them have been annexed to the writ petition and it is pleaded that
the addresses recorded in the said passports are non-existing.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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