Omakari & Ors. vs Union Of India (Ministry Of … on 9 October, 2015

% 09.10.2015

1. Even according to the appellants, there is a delay of 140 days in
filing the appeal.
2. On merits, the appellant has assailed the judgment of the
Tribunal dated 23.01.2015. It is submitted before me by the learned
counsel for the appellants that appellant no.1’s husband Late Sh.
Beerbal was a bonafide passenger and that his death on 03.07.2012
came about on account of the deceased falling out of the train due to
rush in the compartment.
2.1 The Tribunal, on the other hand, has dismissed the claim made
by the appellants herein, on the ground that the death report filed by
the appellants before it clearly indicated that the cause of death was

Source: Indian Kanoon

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