Ntpc Limited vs Hindustan Construction Company … on 25 January, 2017

3. Disputes arose between the parties for the part of the works executed up
to December 2008 and were referred to the AT which pronounced an Award
dated 10th September, 2012 in favour of HCC. The said Award was
challenged by NTPC in this Court by filing OMP No.1148/2012. The claims
made by HCC in the said arbitration were as under:
“a. Additional claim due to variation in the
River Diversion in pursuance of letter dated
04.06.2007 (claimed amount Rs.

b. Clam for cost in respect of non-supply of
power by NTPC (Claimed amount Rs.

c. Claim for cost of disruptions and delays /
underutilization of the resources from
inception to 30.11.2008 (claimed amount
Rs. 71,72,96,974.59/-”

Source: Indian Kanoon

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